Initial appointment, incl. consultation, programme and home practice (1.5hrs) – £60. Follow up sessions, incl. consultation and practice (1hr) – £45, please contact Cath directly to discuss your needs.

What is Yoga Therapy and who is it for?

According to one of the great masters of Yoga Therapy from the 1900s, TVK Desikachar.

“Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering process, where the care-seeker, with the help of the Yoga Therapist, implements a personalized and evolving Yoga practice, that not only addresses the illness in a multi-dimensional manner, but also aims to alleviate his/her suffering in a progressive, non-invasive and complementary manner. Depending upon the nature of the illness, Yoga Therapy can not only be preventive or curative, but also serve as a means to manage the illness, or facilitate healing in the person at all levels.”

One to one sessions may include breathing techniques, postures, meditation, relaxation, visualisation or the promotion of behavioural changes. For example, with depression and anxiety, there are gentle, specialised ways of regulating the nervous system. A restorative practice including visualisation and pranayama can activate the relaxed response, calm the body and mind, increase energy and bring new perspectives.

Anyone can do Yoga and it’s safe for all health conditions.

Yoga Therapy can help support

Physical & Emotional Health Conditions: stress, depression, anxiety, grief, pain from various sources (chronic pain) e.g. back Pain, musculoskeletal problems, menopause, women’s health issues, high blood pressure, IBS, asthma, major illness e.g. parkinson’s, cancer, neurological issues, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, arthritis, osteoporosis.

What to expect in a session?

At our first meeting we will discuss and explore your specific needs. We’ll then work together towards your chosen goals and use a variety of Yoga practices to help you improve your health and wellbeing. It’s likely that you will need a minimum of six sessions to begin with. A programme will be created based on information gathered and a number of traditional Therapy models will be used to diagnose your health from a physical, energy, mind and spiritual perspective. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the practice and that it’s achievable for you to do. Follow up sessions will involve reviewing practice, understanding what’s working and not working for you. Insights and experiences can be shared enabling practice to be tailored, creating a new level of healing. Yoga practices can be used alongside other forms of treatment.

Cancellation Policy: a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given, otherwise a cancellation charge of 75% of the booking fee will apply. If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice and re-book there is no cancellation fee.


“Cath is a very compassionate and caring person, who has certainly helped me considerably - I have a much more positive outlook on life and am meditating daily. I am looking more at what life is offering me rather than what I am missing.”

“Overall, a VERY positive experience. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to talk things through - I know that I always respond better to any treatment when I feel listened to and understood.”

“Cath's sessions were incredibly helpful and insightful. It is no exaggeration that she has helped me to see how improving my breathing can change my outlook and my state of mind. I am noticeably calmer as a result, its been a real gift! Thank you Cath, it really is fair to say you have changed my life for the better. You have a wonderful gift and knowledge and I am lucky to have been a beneficiary of this.”

“Cath has been a real breath of fresh air in helping me to sort through both mental and physical issues. She is really amazing at listening, understanding and providing practical solutions in all areas. She is extremely perceptive and knowledgeable, and also very kind. I would highly recommend her for yoga therapy work for anyone who feels they would like to improve the quality of their mental, physical and emotional health.”