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Coming along to one of my workshops or groups is an opportunity for you to find out what Yoga is all about and for me to be able to share some of the wonderful gifts that Yoga has to offer. Here we can come together as a community, share experiences and you can take something away that will add real value to your life. Check back for updates or join my mailing list to keep in touch.

yoga group classes and workshops

7pm – 8pm
Yoga for stress and anxiety relief Upton Village Hall, Station Rd, Upton, Didcot OX11 9HX

£72 for six sessions.

paid for in advance.
TBC NEW Trauma informed yoga – small group sessions. TBC  TBC paid for in advance. DETAILS


“Cath is a very compassionate and caring person, who has certainly helped me considerably - I have a much more positive outlook on life and am meditating daily. I am looking more at what life is offering me rather than what I am missing.”

“Overall, a VERY positive experience. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to talk things through - I know that I always respond better to any treatment when I feel listened to and understood.”

“Cath's sessions were incredibly helpful and insightful. It is no exaggeration that she has helped me to see how improving my breathing can change my outlook and my state of mind. I am noticeably calmer as a result, its been a real gift! Thank you Cath, it really is fair to say you have changed my life for the better. You have a wonderful gift and knowledge and I am lucky to have been a beneficiary of this.”

“Cath has been a real breath of fresh air in helping me to sort through both mental and physical issues. She is really amazing at listening, understanding and providing practical solutions in all areas. She is extremely perceptive and knowledgeable, and also very kind. I would highly recommend her for yoga therapy work for anyone who feels they would like to improve the quality of their mental, physical and emotional health.”


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